Tank’s Camp Revised

So as promised, I wanted to do a quick update to the rules of Tank’s Camp. Whilst the game played well the first time round, we needed some fairly detailed accounting to record all the numbers going on. I realized (and a couple of people commented) that a simpler version would make things even more fun. So here is an attempt to keep the core mechanics, but reduce the complexity to the point that:

  • Anyone who has played it once can explain it to someone else without notes
  • No score sheet is needed to record figures during the game
  • No calculations are needed to determine results during the game

Tank’s Camp was designed as a game that pitted players in an asymmetric Prisonners’ Dilemma with an element of randomness. Foragers and defenders must work together to maximise their chances of survival as a group, but betray each other to maximise their chances of survival individually. Players know that defenders are acting altruistically, but don’t know for sure if foragers are being honest or selfish.

The New Rules to Tank’s Camp

Set Up

You will need:

  • 2 packs of cards
  • 1 six sided dice

Place one diamond for every TWO players in the middle of the table face up – this is the camp’s supplies (round up).

Remove any jokers from the cards, shuffle them and place the deck face down in the middle of the table.


Gather enough food to reach the next camp site, before your camp is overrun by zombies. How much food is enough? When you decide to make a break for it, roll one dice. This is the amount of food you need to reach the campsite safely. If you have less food than the dice roll then you die.


Each turn players can go in any order. They can decide to either forage for food, or stay in the camp and defend.

Foraging for food

Take 1 card from the pack in the centre for each consecutive round you go foraging, up to a maximum of 3 cards. The amount of food is calculated as follows:

  • Hearts: these cards are worth 3 food
  • Diamonds: these cards are worth 1 food
  • Clubs / Spades: these cards are worth 0 food

After everyone has taken their turn, players who went foraging declare how much food they found in the forest.

Players MUST place black cards face down in front of them without showing other players what cards they got. Allowing other players to see these cards is an automatic capital offence.

Players may place other cards EITHER face up in the centre of the table with the other camp supplies (sharing the food with everyone) OR they can place these cards face down along with other discards in the pile in front of them (stash food for themselves)

Conflict resolution

If disagreements break out at any time, they are resolved in the following ways:

  • With a majority vote a single player can be lynched at any time (apart from when escaping)
  • Without a majority, a fight can break out with one or more players on each side. Each player rolls the dice once. The two sides add up the scores of all the players they have. Players on the side with the lower score are killed.

Any food in the discard / stash piles of players that are killed by lynching or in combat are shared by the victors. Weapon scores are not affected by fighting inside the camp.

Night time

After players have made their moves three things happen in the camp in sequence:

  1. Food
  2. Zombie attack
  3. Escape


Players must have enough food for the night. Each player eats 1 food – remove this from the camp supplies in the centre of the table.

If there is not enough food to go round in the camp’s shared reserves, players decide how to distribute it by majority vote, fighting for it (see rules above) or they may draw food from their stash (the discard pile in front of them). NB if players end up fighting for food then at least one will be killed in the process. Players can only elect to take food from their stash BEFORE fighting commences.

Players that do not have food to eat by either of these methods die of starvation.

Zombie attack

Finally, every night AFTER the first night, zombies attack. EACH player rolls the dice.

A roll of 1 ALWAYS kills that player. Beyond that players survive if their individual score is higher than: # foragers – # defenders


2 foragers, 4 defenders = players roll 2 or more to survive

4 foragers, 2 defenders = players roll 3 or more to survive


Any surviving player can now try and escape the camp if they want to. They roll one dice. If they have enough food stashed in the discard pile in front of them, they make it, and get one victory point (Yay!). If they do not have that amount of food, they die in the attempt (no points L).

Players that do not try to escape get to play another turn.

End game

The game continues until all players are dead or have escaped to the next campsite. Matches are played by replaying the game from the start (no food or weapons are carried over), until one or more players have 3 victory points.